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    Our comprehensive planning process includes analysis of your business, its current online presence, your goals and your budget. We then structure the necessary content and define the best website style according to your target audience. At the end we give you the time frame.
    We create your website architecture, taking into account the user experience. Then we develop the website using images and text that you provide us with. This process also integrates the basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), image indexing and navigation system.
    We help you to publish your website online using our domain name and our servers if you wish. We also provide an adaptive design of the website for desktop, smartphones and tablets as well as for all browsers and operating systems.
    As an additional service we help you to develop and execute your Online Marketing Strategy online through search engine advertising (AdWords and Bing Ads), Social Media, Directory listings and email marketing.

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The planning and design of a website is an elaborate process. It’s not enough to update the styling, the website needs to be fast, intuitive, easy to find and communicative to attract and keep visitors, but especially to meet your objectives.

A good design is essential to ensure the efficiency of the Digital Marketing Strategy, otherwise inappropriate design can ruin your credibility. So, once the goals are established (based on the study of your market and the needs and demands of your target audience), we make a proposal according to your expectations: we define project’s aspects, size, cost and duration.

It is essential that you provide us with all the information necessary to determine the useful and relevant content for your users so that appropriate content can be developed. This way we can establish the flowcharts navigation, page layouts (wireframes) and their positions.

To define a creative direction we analyse your brand, business and target audience. According to this analysis we present different style for you to choose from.


Once all working guidelines are defined and approved, we will start to schedule the work on every part of the website and enter the content into the Beta release.

At this stage we incorporate offline (without pages being visible online) the patterns of interaction and interface behaviour such as navigation, optimised images, multimedia components and content. In turn, all necessary web tools such as contact forms, search, surveys, subscriptions, links to Social Media accounts, e-commerce, Google Maps, interactive catalogs, etc. are integrated and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is executed.

Finally, adjustments and bug fixes are done checking the operation in all browsers, devices and systems before the launch of the website online.



The launch phase involves loading files and data in the online server. It’s time to publicise your new website globally and start the process of receiving traffic from search engines and Social Networks.

At this stage, all the work done on structuring, selecting the content and Link Building to promote Search Engine Optimisation begins to spread through the network: automatically indexed keywords and search algorithms are executed.

The launch of the site requires a major marketing campaign and advertising on Search Engines and Social Networks to attract customers and promote your products or services. At Boxet our Digital Marketing is part of a comprehensive strategy combining Online Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM).

Then we track visitors to Search Engines and Social Networks using analytical tools.




  • Web Design

    Our integral creative process includes analysing the brand, market and demands of your target audience. We offer current, attractive and clean designs for your website. We improve the usability of your website layouts with intuitive, simple and accessible navigation . We integrate tools based on the needs of your business.

  • Online Marketing

    Our Online Marketing work is part of an overall strategy. We combine all activities, tools, channels and techniques to improve the reputation and awareness of your brand. We provide visibility in Social Media to attract and retain customers. We promote your products or services through e-mail marketing.

  • SEO and PPC

    Increase the ranking of visits to your website with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). We base our Optimisation Strategy on obtaining the best content and keywords and using Link Building to provide more effective positioning of your brand.

  • E-commerce

    The layout and design of the online stores have a big impact on sales because of its usability and design quality. A well designed e-commerce website, with easy navigation, simple layout and high quality images helps users to see, find the products and complete the purchase.

Web Design

Want an updated image?

At Boxet we know that your website is your main window, so we devote our special attention to functional and stylish details that allow identification of your target audience with your brand, making the creative process holistic.


We identify creative and environmental elements of your brand, style and trends, study your market, competition and preferences of your target audience.


Our creative lines are current, attractive, clean and unique. We create intuitive layouts with responsive design and images optimised for retina display.



box3Information Structure

We integrate in your website content that is useful and relevant to your audience, focusing on the user experience. We use messages that calls for action to transform your visitors into customers.



We integrate functional and adaptive tools that maximise your marketing strategy based on your business needs and objectives of your website.


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Online Marketing

The starting line for success

At Boxet we go beyond providing an attractive website. Email, SEO and Social Media are now essential marketing tools that drive business success. At Boxet we integrate all of these activities, other online marketing channels and proper techniques to increase the online presence of your company and make it visible to your future customers.

Social-Media-Icons2Social MEDIA


SMM gives your company, website and your products or services visibility and accessibility from relevant Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, depending on your market and business objectives.

We want to understand your business better and with your feedback, comments, suggestions and involvement we can improve the awareness and reputation of your brand and products in Social Media.

We will help you to launch and maintain your Social Media Campaigns and activities to help attract and maintain the audience by creating effective viral messages using interesting and relevant content and images.


Social-Media-Icons1e- MAIL


E-mail Marketing boosts sales growth and is a simple and effective application of the marketing tools.

We can offer your users an option of registration on the website to increase the list of potential customers. These registered users can then be sent your promotional material via email, like campaigns, special offers or regular newsletters, which we can help you to design and organise.


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The activity of your business in SOCIAL NETWORKS results in higher ranked Google Search Results and increased brand awareness, and allows you to interact with and access your audience in a more comprehensive, less expensive manner than the old traditional methods of marketing and advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising

Need to move your position up?

The success of a website depends mostly on the level of accessibility available to its audience. Obtaining top positions in search engines ensures maximum visibility for your potential customers, increased visitor traffic and the possible conversion of those visitors into customers, in addition to increased presence and reputation of your business on the Internet.

seo_icon1Site Analysis

Analysis of the compatibility of your website’s content with your SEO strategy and identification of the most relevant keywords for best Search Engine Optimisation allows us to provide better performance and results while implementing the strategy.



We adhere to the policies of White Hat Techniques that increase the search engine ranking positions. We increase the visibility of your website by improving content and density of the search keywords.


We combine Content Marketing of your website with Link Building and SEM to attract customers to your niche. We also list your website in the top positions in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

seo_icon4Paid Marketing (SEM)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Pay-per-click campaign (PPC) is an efficient method of online advertising. Each click on the ad measures the attention and interest of the audience. The appearance of the advertisement will depend on the match between the content or keywords to the search words entered.


Are you ready to sell online?

At Boxet we go beyond providing secure internet sales. We can give you a clean, simple, attractive image-based e-commerce website with easy navigation to facilitate the sale of your product or service. We provide your users with a pleasant experience that will help them to find and select the products they want, enter data securely and complete the purchase process quickly and easily.


Electronic commerce offers a great opportunity for small businesses to reinvent themselves, grow and create jobs.

Intuitive and easy navigation, clean and predictable structure of the website.

Distinctive styling to match your brand with creative personalised details and images.

High quality information and visual representation of the products. Suggestions for the related products.

Efficient product search with filters and categorisation.

Promotional messages and action calls to convince the customer to buy.

Clear and simple order processing system. Location identification and confirmation of purchase and shipment.

Internal management of customers, orders and stocks.

Data Protection Certificate (SSL), payment methods and electronic payment security.


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We are an international team of freelancers. We use our skills and latest software and virtual tools to manage our projects. This allows us to work efficiently, increase productivity and meet deadlines by coordinating tasks and sharing ideas.

All our team members have extensive experience in the Internet and Marketing industry. We constantly update our skills and upgrade our software to match the rapid advance of new technologies.


Our working model 3.0 allows us to eliminate geographical barriers and reduce our infrastructure costs. Each project is individually tailored to meet our customers’ needs effectively and efficiently, taking into account particular characteristics of each project.

We are passionate about our work and we see each project as an experience for us and for our future customers. Simplicity, creativity, uniqueness and attention to the user experience are our motto.

Mayte Martinez

Web Design

An experienced and creative international Web Designer.

Raul Hermoso

Web Design

Raul is our other creative Web Designer with more directional ideas.

Karsten Becker

Web Developer

Karsten is our team Head and web developer with a wide specialisation.

Daria Offin

Marketing and SEO

Daria is our Marketer – she does Online Marketing and the Social Media work.

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